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Teyana Taylor’s in the September/October 2018 issue of Playboy, where she talks about motherhood, patience, and moving in the music industry. Below, a few things we learned about the R&B darling, including how long she’s had that stellar six-pack:

Her Journey’s Been a Challenge, But She’s Still in It to Win.

“Everybody knows, as far as the music side, it’s been a long journey for me—which it has been for any person who’s great in the industry,” she shared. “I definitely feel overwhelmed sometimes because I’m doing so much to occupy my mind from the things that are not quite happening the way I want or need them to happen. The other 100 things that I do are just until it comes to fruition.”

She’s Had a Six-Pack Since Forever.

Not really. But she says she has had one since she was a kid. “I’ve had this six-pack since I was, like, six,” Taylor told Playboy. “I was like a Ninja Turtle.”

Must be nice!

She’s a Woman of Action.

“I have a leader vibe about me,” she stated. “Because I was homeschooled, I had no choice but to raise my hand even if I didn’t want to. But I was fearless—pure, raw. I would see groups of people dancing, and instead of joining in, I would actually want to make up the moves. I’ve always been a person that wants not just to do it; I want to be it.”

Read more—and check out the sultry photoshoot—here.

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