2006 MTV Video Music Awards - MTV.com Show

Source: John Shearer / Getty

Disclaimer: this piece is in no way, shape or form meant to shade Queen J to the L-O (hello!); however, Missy Elliott should have been awarded an MTV Video Vanguard Award, and we know y’all agree because #MissyElliottAppreciationDay wouldn’t be trending otherwise. Additionally, a quick Google search reveals folks have petitioned for her honor for years. (Nah, forreal—there’s a Change.org petition floating on the web from five years ago.)

Listen: Team CASSIUS is down for this cause, so we rounded up the office and compiled a playlist of our favorite Missy tracks of all time. Press play below, then hit us up at @CASSIUSLife_ to sound off about your faves.

Oh, and to MTV:

Put 👏🏽 Some 👏🏽 ‘Speck 👏🏽 On 👏🏽 Missy’s 👏🏽 Name! 👏🏽