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Western & Southern Open - Day 4

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Few individuals among the nearly 8 billion in the world have the ability to take a given sport and turn it on its head. But the ones who do, manage to become global figures who allow their athletic prowess to both impress and inspire them. But, in the end, it’s about what they do off the field or court that can influence generations to come. And for many, it’s making sure kids grow up better off than they did and helping them realize that sports aren’t the only way to make a name for yourself.

Here are athletes who show that there’s more to them than their athletic ability.

LeBron James

2016 NBA Finals - Game Seven

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LeBron has done amazing things in his career that don’t involve calling that guy in the White House a bum. This year, he opened a school in his native Akron, Ohio. He’s hoping his school will give students the jump start he never had. With services that will ensure the kids are fed both at home and at school, and programs that help guardians secure jobs, James is proving that its all bigger than basketball.

Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Chargers

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Russell Wilson has emerged as one of the premier quarterbacks in the league and has become a role model for his fans and the up and coming crop of footballers. He handles himself the same off the field, and has been quick to pass on his good fortune to those who aren’t as lucky. As an active member of the Seattle community, he visits the Seattle Children’s Hospital weekly and he’s donated more than $1 million to the facility via his Why Not You Foundation. He even put his money where his mouth was during the 2013 and 2014 season and donated $3,000 for every touchdown he scored.

J.J. Watt

NFL: AUG 09 Preseason - Texans at Chiefs

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Your favorite Houston Texan gives back in a huge way. He’s the president of the Justin J. Watt Foundation, his organization that provides afterschool opportunities for schools around the country. Since being launched in 2010, he’s raised more than $1 million. But most people weren’t aware of Watt’s philanthropic force until Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Amidst all the chaos, he started a campaign to raise $200,000, but Watt being the overachiever he is, he ended up raising $37 million.

Serena Williams

Western & Southern Open - Day 4

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Serena isn’t just the rightful face of tennis who inspired a new generation of kids to play the sport, but she has also made sure to not forget where she came from. She’s always one to stand up for what she believes in. Never one to shy away from controversy, she’s supported the Black Lives Matter movement and is even an International Goodwill Ambassador with UNICEF. In 2016, the Serena Williams Fund partnered with Helping Hands Jamaica to build a school on the island. And she’s doing all of this while still at the top of her game.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Chievo Verona v Juventus - Serie A

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When you’re one of the most popular and well-paid athletes of all time, its only right to make sure that others benefit from your blessings. Dating back to 2012, Ronaldo has paid for the treatment of a boy with cancer. That same year, he sold his 2011 golden boot for over $1 million and used the money to fund schools for children in Gaza.