With the 2024 WNBA draft in the books, the league has piqued the interest of one of the greatest women athletes of all time. Tennis legend Serena Williams is not opposed to owning a WNBA team one day and revealed the possible business move in a recent interview with CNN, saying she’s “super interested.” “I […]

With a lot more time on her hands after retiring from tennis last August, Serena Williams quickly found something else to pour herself into. The tennis star is ready to open up to her fans about her life on the tennis court and beyond in the form of books with a Random House backing. Yes, […]


Coco Gauff‘s dream of winning the US Open is inching closer and closer. In Thursday night’s match, she took on Karolina Muchova from the Soviet Union, currently ranking number 10 in the world. It was Gauff’s chance to prove herself on the big stage during the semifinals, and she once again showed why she is […]

It's not too soon to reflect on Serena Williams legendary tennis career.

Serena Williams' Husband Responds To Drake Calling Him A "Groupie"

Serena Williams Teases Fans About Returning To Tennis: "‘I’m Not Retired"

After all, who else collabs with Virgil Abloh and gets a custom pair of Air Jordan 1s from Michael Jordan himself?

“Virgil was so much more than a collaborator, he was a friend, an innovator. I really wish I wore the magnificent skirt he made for me in 2018. You saw it before me Virgil, we will keep your legacy alive,” Serena Williams on a June 2022 Instagram post

"I'm loving this crowd. Oh my goodness. It's really fantastic."

Serena Williams kicks off what could be her final US Open tournament with a dominant win.