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There are so many reasons to create, but the best creations are the ones that inspire positive change. These are artists who make moves, innovate, and build on the ways in which we interpret the world around us. When all seems bleak and dull around us, these are the visionaries that give us hope.

Check out some of CASSIUS‘ favorite visual artists down below.

Myles Loftin

This bold young photographer is already making strong statements with his art. One of his latest projects, HOODED, “humanizes and decriminalizes the societal images of Black boys and Black men in hoodies.”

Titus Kaphar

Kaphar addresses erasure of Black folks in traditional artwork by altering paintings and sculptures of prominent figures from American and European history. Within his work, he reimagines African Americans and other marginalized subjects as heroes.

Johanna Toruño

This Salvadorian street artist uses her own words to emphasize her visual art, which is created for “POC by POC.” She speaks out on topics such as intersectional feminism, sexuality, immigration, and police brutality.

Chella Man

Man’s identity as an Asian Deaf Trans artist shapes his work as he focuses his paintings and drawings around sexuality, body dysmorphia and ability.

Joyce J. Scott

This Baltimore native uses glass and beadwork to create art around the topics of race, domestic violence, and gun violence.