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Beyoncé and Jay Z are getting ready to welcome the second coming of Carters, and they’re in for a whole new experience that even raising Blue Ivy couldn’t prepare them for.

Thankfully, CASSIUS has the Carters’ back, and recruited a number of twins to let the couple know what to expect when they expand their family, as Bey said, “by two.”

When asked if they have any advice for the superstar couple, identical twins Madison and Morgan wisely answered, “Start putting labels on them when they go to school.”

Joelle and Jordan prepared Blue for life with twin siblings by warning her, “Blue, I’m sure they’ll love you but they’ll always have each other. They’ll always be the same age, they’ll always get to celebrate their birthdays together. You’ll be, what, five years older than them, but, they’ll always have each other.” Harsh!

Chaya and Chelsea warn Jay and Bey to watch out, especially if their twins actually look alike: “We used to switch classes all the time, but our mother never found out because the teachers think it’s so funny!”

When asked how to break up a twin fight, Ngozi and Ogor warned, “Number one, never get in the middle of a twins fight! You’ll look silly.” George and Clark added, “I don’t think you can, you just gotta wait it out.”

Finally, when asked what you should never do to a pair of twins, Jonathan and Jarrett said, “I was almost gonna say that, ‘Bey and Jay, you shouldn’t dress them up the same,’ but that’s so cute. You have to! And the Internet wants that!” All we can say is, be prepared for a lot of Gucci, folks.

See what other wisdom these sets of twins have to offer in this fun video, above.