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Jose Cuervo Agave Bar

Fans of Jose Cuervo are already aware of the tequila the leading brand produces and now, Cuervo is using the power of agave to bring a fantastic event to the city of San Diego. For just this weekend, the Cuervo Agave Bar, made entirely of repurposed agave byproducts, will be visiting “America’s Finest City” to bring the experience to the masses.

First created in 2021, the Cuervo Agave Bar was introduced in Los Angeles before heading to Chicago the following year. Now, the “Bar That Tequila Made” will be in sunny San Diego, showcasing how Jose Cuervo is committed to showing the versatility of agave byproducts and cutting down on waste.

Jose Cuervo X Cuervo Agave Bar

From the looks of the images we’ve shared in this post, the breezy and beautiful temps of San Diego are the perfect landing spot for the Agave Bar. And while it looks like a fun time for all, you’ll need to be over 21 to attend the events. There will be light bites, and live entertainment, and the Saturday opening has two time slots available.

Jose Cuervo X Cuervo Agave Bar

We have to say we’re pretty jealous of the San Diegans out west but we hope all who attend enjoy their time at the bar.

The bar will be in service on Friday, September 22, and Saturday, September 23 before rolling off into the sunset.

Jose Cuervo X Cuervo Agave Bar

RSVP for the Cuervo Agave Bar by visiting this link.

Photo: Jose Cuervo