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We never thought Dustin would show us how to dap up the homies whilst wearing a yellow polo, but go off bro.

First off, one must remember that there’s a difference between dapping up and shaking and shaking hands. In all professional settings remember to go for the handshake and don’t pull away too quickly or make it awkward by gripping too long. Just like at the urinal— three shakes and you’re done.

You’ve also gotta remember the whole hygiene aspect of it all. If you’re a sweaty-handed bandit, be sure to wipe your hands off before they disgustingly slide up someone’s forearm. And as Dustin notes, make sure your nails are clean because that will definitely gross some people out— especially on a date. Speaking of dates, don’t try to rip your potential-bae’s hand off her wrist, instead be more gentle and don’t forget to lightly place your other hand on the outside of hers.

It’s also important to note your audience and setting, too. At a Migos concert? Feel free dap up any white person you see. Wearing a collared shirt at a meeting and see the only other Black man across the table? Yeah, you’re gonna have to use your own discretion on that one.

Grown Man Shit Shaking Hands

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