Time to get your act together.

There are levels to drinking. And according to Dustin, at the very top is Cognac. Or, as we lovingly refer to it—Yak. The fuel to every grown man is his choice of liquor and for those not too familiar with our favorite brown liquor, Dustin is here to give a very informed (and educational) opinion […]

Please start drinking water, bro.

The Back

We never thought Dustin would show us how to dap up the homies whilst wearing a yellow polo, but go off bro. First off, one must remember that there’s a difference between dapping up and shaking and shaking hands. In all professional settings remember to go for the handshake and don’t pull away too quickly […]

The Back

Who doesn't like a strong beer?

It’s summer, so you what that means: pool parties, drinking too much and passing out at the beach and getting sunburned, and…ice cream? Yes, ice cream. For all those folks out who aren’t lactose intolerant, ice cream is the go-to snack in the summertime that cools you down just a bit after you’re finally able […]

When a white tee isn't enough.


Get it done.