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According to reports from TMZ, 26-year-old emcee Mac Miller—birth name Malcolm James McCormick—has died of an alleged drug overdose in his home in the San Fernando Valley. The outlet claims police found Miller “dead at the scene” and that police were alerted to the residence by a male friend who “placed a 911 call from Mac’s home.”

Recently Miller, a Pittsburgh native, had been experiencing substance abuse issues. In May, he crashed his Mercedes Benz G-Class wagon in the San Fernando Valley. Eventually, he confessed to the crime and was officially charged with a DUI. After the accident, Miller’s former partner Ariana Grande tweeted about the incident.

Miller’s mixtapes and albums were shot through with the emotional toll fame can have on a person. On records, he often spoke about substance abuse and depression as well as hope. After his break up with Grande, he released an album titled The Divine Feminine, of which Grande says the song “Cinderalla” was about her. A month ago, he released his newest album Swimming, which touched on substance abuse as well.

He also seemed to be turning a corner. In August, Rolling Stone released an interview with Miller titled “Mac Miller Wants You To Know He’s Ok”. In the interview, he spoke about his drug abuse after his 2012 album Blue Slide Park. Miller said, “If a bunch of people think I am a huge drug addict, OK. Cool. What can I really do? Go talk to all those people and be like ‘Naw man, it’s really not that simple?’” he says. “Have I done drugs? Yeah. But am I a drug addict? No.”

Well-wishes and support have begun to pour out after the announcement. In fact, Kehlani tweeted they were supposed to meet up to shoot his next video.

Other artists have also tweeted to give their condolences.

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