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We don’t know all the details of the workout, skincare, and eating regimen that Lenny Kravitz follows, but now we know more about his morning routine.

In his new video for the song “TK421,” Kravitz first wakes up in his mansion. The first revelation is that he sleeps in the nude, and why not? Though Kravitz is allegedly 59 years old, there are no signs of visible aging anywhere on his face or body. The only evidence that he’s older than 35 is that he’s the father of Zoe Kravitz, who is 34.

How, Sway?

But let’s continue. Kravitz’s morning goes on as he opens his curtains, then looks in the mirror (yes, still ageless), and then lights up a lil’ somethin’ with designer sunglasses on, of course. Then, on to the shower (without the sunglasses or the smoke), where the camera lingers on most areas touched by what we suspect is very expensive, good-smelling shower gel.

Then, in a glorious, light-filled marble bathroom with tasteful gold sculptures, Kravitz does what we all do as we get ready to take on the day – brush our teeth and dance in our towel while using the toothbrush to air-sing into an imaginary mic. What do you know, rock stars are just like us.

Well, maybe not. We don’t then squeeze into tight snakeskin pants and determine which shirt we should wear from our array of rock star shirts. Once dressed, he picks up his guitar and sings in his majestic bedroom, which has the kind of light painters dream of and a bed that looks like he sleeps on 10,000 thread-count sheets.

If you’re wondering what the video is for, it’s to introduce his new album, Blue Electric Light, coming March 24th. It’s 12 tracks with no info yet on collaborators or producers and is his first album in five years. Some people think the song is a Star Wars reference, but Kravitz hasn’t confirmed that.

Back to the video. After gyrating in his very Kravitz way on the bed, the floor, a chair, and in a gorgeous bathtub (with a subtle nod to anyone watching to insert themselves between him and the places he’s gyrating on) and cutting to a gratuitous shot of Kravitz back in the bathroom, mouth full of a substance that appears to be… toothpaste, he walks down his wrought-iron staircase, past beautifully wainscoted walls, and out the doors to wherever sexy rock stars go to begin their day as one of the most consistently cool people alive.

“I feel blessed every day to wake up and live my life,” Kravitz told GQ earlier this year. “I get a high from just being creative in general, I really do. I’ve been doing a lot of recording and writing, design, architecture and furniture interiors, and photography. I still have this hobby of music, and creating it hasn’t changed – I haven’t become tired of it by any stretch of the imagination.”

We’re not tired either, Lenny. Thank you for being you. Watch the video below: