42nd Toronto International Film Festival - ‘The Carter Effect’ - Premiere

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Drake’s Friendship with 14-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown Weirds Us Out.

First there were rumors of him allegedly dating an 18-year-old, and now there’s his bizarre friendship with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown.

ICYMI, apparently the 31-year-old texts Brown “all the time.” “He helps me with everything, just like life lessons. He’s amazing,” Brown had shared over the summer. And recently, on the Emmys red carpet, Brown told Access Hollywood that he gives her dating advice.

We just… Like… It’s not just us, right?

Yes, Maroon 5 Is Performing at the Super Bowl… But That Might Not Be So Bad.

Just hear us out. As Variety pointed out when they broke the news, Maroon 5 does have a lot of songs with some pretty fire acts. This includes Cardi B and Kendrick Lamar, who you may recall teamed up with the band for “Don’t Wanna Know” (we kind of hated that song, but we digress).

Look: all we’re saying is, sure, maybe we would have preferred another Beyoncé concert during the halftime show, but perhaps we can focus on the positives in this.

If you’re not sold, however, then check out Buzzfeed’s list of all the acts who would’ve been better than Adam Levine’s band. Janet Jackson and Rihanna are in the top three, so the list is pretty legit.

These Are the Five Most Fun Cities in the US, According to a New Study.

Shout out to WalletHub for their latest study on the cities across the US. For this study, they looked at over 180 US cities and ranked them according to 65 different factors, including music festivals and bar hours.

We won’t spoil the entire list for you, but Las Vegas came in at No. 1, while Orlando made No. 2. Shout out to all those theme parks.

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