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Realizing that you’re going bald is a tough moment for most guys to admit. Though it may feel like it, it’s not the end of the world— you can still get fits off and have plenty of game.

With the right steps, you can smoothly transform your swag before making the big chop. The worst thing you can do is hold on to those few remaining follicles for dear life.

So, take a few lessons from Cleveland Cavaliers franchise god, LeBron James, who finally committed.

1.Go for a low Caesar.

Ever wonder how you would look bald? Well, this short haircut is an easy way to test-drive going bald before committing to the final shave.


Don’t hide in hats.

You’re not going to get comfortable with your new cut until you try it. Just like anything new, it’s going to be weird and different but, over time you will grow to love it.


Keep your facial hair tight.

Think of facial hair as an accessory for your face; it frames your features while adding structure, all of which will helps you smoothly transition to bald.