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How timely is Pop Caven’s cool AF take on Pepsi’s classic logo? Earlier this month, the soda company’s epic fail of a “protest” ad was pulled after missing the mark in a pitiful attempt at speaking to social issues.

In a riff on the brand’s trademark, this sweatshirt swaps the sugary soft-drink for a traditional African beverage with proven health benefits. Can’t say we’re mad at that. The two sister designers, Doreen and Joan Caven, gave us the lowdown on their latest wears, which are available for $50 at

Enjoy Palm Wine’ is a play on the ‘Enjoy Pepsi Classic’ logo.


“As a young man, [our dad’s] outfits combined his Nigerian roots with Western culture. He wore the sickest African print shirts, collars popped, with the wildest bell bottoms and platforms.” -Joan Caven


“‘Enjoy Palm Wine’ is a play on the ‘Enjoy Pepsi Classic’ logo. The drink is native to West Africa, tapped from the sap of palm trees. We thought it would be cool to link a local African beverage to a globalized brand.” -Doreen Caven


Africa, retro nostalgia and popular culture make a dope mashup. While we’re gushing, upgrade your arsenal with the sisters’ take on the Coca Cola classic logo, which nods to the drink’s flavoring ingredient, kola nut.

“We’re from the Igbo ethnic group, and to us, the fruit has a sacred significance,” Joan told CASSIUS.”It is used to welcome guests into our home. We were inspired to use this concept to encourage the idea of togetherness and harmony.”

Check out more pics below and look out for Pop Caven X, an exclusive collection featuring African graphic artists, dropping this summer.