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141st Open Championship - Final Round

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Tiger Woods Back!

Don’t call it a comeback. Or do, because on Sunday, Woods won his first golf tournament since having four back surgeries.

“I was pretty emotional when Rory [McIlroy] was tapping out, he was finishing out,” Woods told ESPN. “I looked around, and the tournament was over because I’d already put the bunker shot on the green, and I’d won 80. 80 is a big number. I’ve been sitting on 79 for about five years now, and to get 80 is a pretty damned good feeling.”

Rob McNamara, a friend of Woods’, stated that his victory made him “emotional.”

“He made me cry, but I couldn’t be more proud of him, a true champion in every sense of the word,” he shared. And according to ESPN, Woods now trails all-time PGA Tour victory leader Sam Snead by two.

We Saw the #KanyeWestChallenge Coming.

Nah, forreal. Early Friday, two of our staff members began wondering why the#TrainPassChallenge hadn’t become a thing yet. Well, it looks like Team CASSIUS and the internet have great minds that think alike, because the #KanyeWestChallenge is now trending.

Inspired by this video—during which Yeezy works to realign his spirit by getting some things off his chest (he’s not happy with Drake, Nick Cannon and Tyson Beckford for talking about his wife) and pauses to allow a train to pass overhead—many have taken it upon themselves to put a spin on the viral moment. Among them is Lil Duval, who also has some words for both Cannon and Beckford—but wait, gotta let some birds fly by first.

Your DMs May Not Be As Protected As You Thought.

A bug may have exposed your DMs and protected tweets to developers “who were not authorized to receive them.”

“Twitter said that the issue affected 1% of users and required a very specific set of circumstances to happen,” Fortune reports. “Additionally, Twitter said it had no evidence any developers actually did receive any messages they were not intended to, but said it couldn’t rule out the possibility that it happened either.”

And while Gizmodo says you probably don’t have much to worry about, it may be worth it just to double check those DM logs—you know, just in case.

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