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Here’s How Will Smith’s Bday Bungee Jump Went.

We’re not mad at Big Will for living his best life on his 50th birthday, but we can’t say we’ll be jumping out of a helicopter any time soon—because nah. That said, kudos to Will, who took on Yes Theory’s challenge of bungee jumping into the Grand Canyon and documented the whole thing on YouTube.

“It goes from pure terror to pure bliss,” he stated while dangling.

Watch it all go down (no pun) below.

If Your Kids Play Fortnite, You May Want to Monitor Their Gameplay.

You know folks can never have anything nice.

According to reports, two dozen men were recently arrested for allegedly using video games like Fortnite and Minecraft to prey on unsuspecting kids. All 24 men—one of which is a registered sex offender—face charges of child luring, and experts warn that games are becoming “a virtual playground” for predators.

Watch TODAY’s coverage below.

Wu-Tang’s Partnered with White Castle for a… Vegan Slider.

Not the business move we would have expected, but hey! We won’t knock it. The next time you feel like doing something somewhat good for your body, maybe consider hitting up White Castle? (Yeah, it sounded weird when we wrote it, too.) The Impossible Burger wave has made its way to the franchise, and RZA—who’s been vegan for a minute—is getting behind it.

“After the Impossible Slider launch in April at 140 locations, many reported that over 300 patties were sold per day,” Vashtie’s blog shares. “The Wu-Tang supported expansion will place the vegan-friendly burger to all 377 locations.”

Who’s trying one?

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