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As we ease into autumn across the United States, our activities are shifting from the outdoors to more cozy activities inside the home. However, our new fall gift guide has suggestions for those who aren’t ready to pack it up and are willing to brave the cooler temps.

High Camp Flasks

High Camp Flasks came to life in 2017 via founders Nic Barisone and Whit Gautreaux, who both shared a love of good drinks and being out in the elements. The brand produces a series of innovative flasks, including their latest flask for wine lovers, The Parkside Flask. We’ve used the brand’s wares in the past and we’re big fans. Speaking of cocktails, High Camp Flasks also has a cocktail-boosting Campfire Bitters offering that’ll spice up your Old Fashioned or other classics. – D.L.

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Old Trapper

Beef jerky can be hit or miss from brand to brand, but you won’t run into that issue with Old Trapper. Offering a number of smoked meat snacks such as the aforementioned jerky and beef sticks, we’re big fans of the original Old Fashioned flavor. They also have Pepperted and Hot & Spicy. If you’re going to be outdoors and away from the modern comforts of home, you’re going to need a snack, and Old Trapper has you covered. – D.L.

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After a long hike, many enjoy cooling down from their adventure under the skies. PARKIT aids in the relaxation by way of its outdoor chair, The Voyager. The cooler-chair combo collapses into a wearable backpack-styled unit for easy transport. The brand also sells apparel for those who like to layer up. Perfect for the beach, the woods, and even the back deck, PARKIT should be on your list if you love the outdoors. – D.L.

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Pit Command

Firepits, bonfires, and campfires are hallmarks of the fall season with family and friends gathering around the blaze for a little warmth and nostalgia. Pit Command, proudly made in the United States, has an array of tools for any size blaze you wish to safely tackle. They also have apparel on deck along with limited edition drops. – D.L.

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Pull Start Fire

Speaking of bonfires, you’re gonna need something to fire one up and that’s where Pull Start Fire comes in. Invented by Mike Beyrodt after a chilly night in West Virginia with his buds, Pull Start Fire takes all the hard work out of getting a blaze going via its innovative pull-to-start string system. We can imagine this has made a lot of bonfire fans happy as it even works on wood that’s been wet. – D.L.

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Third Eye Headlamps

Fall means that the sun sets a little earlier so going out for a walk, hike, or ride might be a bit of a hurdle. This is where Third Eye Headlamps comes in with its stylish and bright headlamps. The headlamps come in a variety of fresh styles, and the brightness of the bulb will light your way with ease. – D.L.

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VOITED specializes in camping blankets, changewear, sippers, and more. Their flagship CLOUDTOUCH blanket is a 4-1 insulated indoor or outdoor blanket that also can used as a sleeping bag, cape, or pillow. They also have rainwear and blankets for pets and the designs are sleek, stylish, yet functional. – D.L.

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If we missed anything in our fun fall gift guide, reach out to us.

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