Netflix star Michaela Coel is showing off a new skill set in her latest project — her hair-raising vocals.

In Been So Long, the Chewing Gum writer and star plays Simone, a single mother who falls in love with a man named Raymond (played by Arinzé Kene) on a rare night out in Camden Town. Through the twists and turns that the film takes, Simone learns about love, life and moving on.

The musical soundtrack is reported to be a mix of R&B, neo-soul, UK dance, Caribbean soca, and orchestral music. Screen Daily broke the news of the acquisition last year and they said that the movie was picked up in a “multi-million dollar deal” believed to be Netflix’s largest single acquisition of a U.K. film in its history.

Coel spoke frankly about her initial challenges with creating the film to The Fader.

“I’m not really a children person,” she said with a laugh. “But I’m learning to bond with them. And I haven’t done any singing for a while — I’m quite shy about that.”

This is Coel’s first film and first musical. While she initially announced that she wouldn’t be working on a third season of Chewing Gum, she retracted the statement in January saying she received a spark of inspiration working on Black Mirror. She told The London Times that it would go into production later this year. 
“Surprisingly, my life hasn’t got any less embarrassing,” she said. “So no, I haven’t run out of material. Sadly.”
The movie will be hitting the streaming platform on October 26, but until then, here’s the trailer down below.