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Dating one of the biggest pop stars in the world has its perks and grievances.

And for rapper A$AP Rocky, one of those headaches is constantly accosted by the paparazzi.

On a Monday morning jog, he couldn’t even get his daily steps in before TMZ had a camera in his face. As soon as the paparazzi started asking a question about sharing two children with Rihanna, Rocky zoomed past her, making it clear he didn’t have time to stop.

“Wanna go on a jog with me?” he said while laughing and whipping around the corner.

Surprisingly, the camerawoman attempts to keep up with him despite Rocky hilariously being nearly half a block away from her. She then ditches her shoes after Rocky encourages her to speed up and finally gets close enough to start her line of questioning, which begins if he wants more kids with Rihanna because she previously admitted to wanting four.

“Wait, where are your shoes?” Rocky asks, completely ignoring her question. “This is hilarious.”

She appears to temporarily give up before Rocky further encourages her as she gets her second wind.

She asks him about his long-awaited fourth album, Don’t Be Dumb, which he says he’s currently working on.

After that, she asks if he will address the alleged Drake diss from For All The Dogs track “Fear Of Heights,” where he entendre’d the word ANTI, the title of Rihanna‘s 2016 album.

“Yeah, that man, he still with you; he can’t leave you,” Drake raps, alluding to Rocky before name-dropping Rih’s Caribbean roots.

Rocky’s answer is inaudible, and the reporter has finally run out of gas.

She eventually sees him later and asks him what running shoes she should get, and he slyly recommends a pair from his Puma x Formula1 collection.

After all, last month, Rocky was named the Creative Director of Puma x F1. The German brand has also been partnered with Rihanna since 2015, and she also served as the brand’s creative director.