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Photographer Hick Duarte’s Chavosos series is an homage to the transformative power of a fresh haircut—that special something that symbolizes a new start, provides a boost of confidence, or empowers one to dream big, no matter the odds. Highlighting the unique haircuts of men in Brazil’s favelas, the São Paulo-based creative presents a vibrant narrative of youth culture in the oft-maligned shantytowns.

Despite poverty and harsh conditions, favelas are incubators for creative expression. From colorful graffiti art to the latest music, Chavosos—the trendsetting youth of these areas—illustrate their personalities through intricate designs, bright hues and hand-written phrases in their hair. Duarte teamed up with Vinícius Rodrigues, whose local barbershop, Bom de Corte, like many others, plays a dual role as community hub. So much more than a place to get lineups,it’s a hangout spot, getaway, and all-around arbiter of cool.

A pop of color here, a razored pattern there—for the boys pictured, it’s all about the details. Check out the complete series below and click here for more stories on the culture of hair.

The bold haircuts of Brazil’s favela youth
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