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Transgender Gubernatorial Candidate Christine Hallquist Wins Democratic Primary, Will Face Incumbent GOP Governor Scott In Nov.

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For the first time in known U.S. history, the 2018 midterms are seeing the most LGBTQ+ candidates on ballots across the nation. Over 400 non-incumbent candidates ran for office at all levels of government in 2018, and at least 244 were still in the running post-primaries. Many are saying that this could cause what is called a “rainbow wave” across the country.

Not only will this take back the house from Republicans, but it’ll help right many wrongs that have previously been made or prevent them from happening again, such as transgender restroom laws, businesses discriminating based on religious affiliation, and more. Check out some of the candidates we have our eyes on this November.

1 Jared Polis

Polis is currently a U.S. representative for Colorado’s second congressional district. If he wins the ballot, he could become America’s first openly gay governor.

 2 Lupe Valdez

Valdez is currently running in the deep red state of Texas. She’s already the first openly gay and Latina nominee — but she could become the first openly gay and Latina candidate.

3 Christine Hallquist

Hallquist is the first transgender nominee for governor in the nation’s history. If she wins, she will be serving the great state of Vermont.

4 Gabriel Acevero

Acevero could become the first openly gay Afro-Latinx representative in the Maryland state senate.

5 Sharice Davids

This lesbian Native American woman is running for Congress in Kansas. Fun fact: she’s also a professional MMA fighter.

6 Gina Ortiz Jones

Jones would be the first openly lesbian, Iraq War veteran, and first-generation Filipina to represent in the U.S. House in Texas.

7 Chris Pappas

Pappas could be New Hampshire’s first openly gay member of Congress.


8 Nelson Araujo

Araujo is campaigning to become the first openly gay and Latinx Secretary of State in Nevada.