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Los Angeles Premiere Screening Of Netflix's 'House Of Cards' Season 6 - Red Carpet

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Why the Streaming Era Owes Thanks to House of Cards.

Robin Wright’s House of Cards is now streaming on Netflix, and to commemorate the momentous event (Claire Underwood is now the first lady president of the United States), Variety’s Daniel D’Addario has penned a piece highlighting how one of the streaming service’s most popular shows paved the way for the binge culture we know now.

“It dropped at a time in which audiences had already been primed to binge TV on Netflix thanks to the streamer’s catalog of past hits obtained from other platforms, and its form, once one got past the starry patina of Fincher’s style and Spacey’s fame, was grungily perfect for hours spent in pajamas,” D’Addario writes. “The show was proudly visceral, ever-so-slightly smarter than it needed to be but more bound to the pleasures of plot than the nagging necessities of logic.”

With Kevin Spacey being written out of the script following the sexual assault allegations that sparked the resurgence of #MeToo (remember, Tarana Burke created the movement during the MySpace age), the moment fans have been waiting to witness is finally here: a Frank-less White House, in which Claire now calls the shots. Or, in her words—as stated to the audience at the end of Season 5—it’s her turn now.

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Has Hue Jackson Lost It?

Former Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson—who was fired on Monday “after compiling a 3-36-1 record over two and a half years,” according to CBS Sports—is pointing fingers at everyone but himself. He recently sat down for a conversation with, during which he told his side of the story regarding what happened with the Browns and who he feels is to blame.

Spoiler alert: he owns up to nothing. And according to him, there was no “discord” amongst the team.

“Discord to me is a strong word. It means there’s always infighting. That’s a pretty hot word,” Jackson said. “I know there was disagreements and rightfully so. Who doesn’t disagree? But I think the term internal discord was a little much.”


A San Francisco 49ers Cheerleader Took a Knee During the Raiders Game.

From what we can tell, this seems to be the first time a cheerleader has kneeled during a game. The cheerleader’s bold statement comes two years after former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee to protest against police brutality and racism in 2016.

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