If you feel like you’ve heard a lot more about the Super Bowl this year than in years past, there’s a reason. According to Nielsen and Adobe Analytics, Super Bowl LVIII is the most-watched program in television history. Across all television and streaming platforms, the game averaged 123.4 million viewers, up 7% from last year’s […]

Super Bowl LVIII may have started as a snoozefest, but it ended up being one of the most entertaining big games in a long time. It seemed to be a coming out for quarterback Brock Purdy as the San Francisco 49ers controlled the game throughout much of the first half. Patrick Mahomes would throw an […]

Aaron Rodgers might want to stay off Twitter for the entire offseason because the jokes will not stop until next season.

Richard Sherman is acutely aware of the lack of NFL owners not speaking up following the fatal arrest of George Floyd and civil unrest that followed.

Now that the Kansas City Chiefs have been crowned Super Bowl LIV winners, the much more interesting side stories are starting to leak. At the Miami game JAY-Z and Blue Ivy was notably on the field tossing around the ball before the big game began, but what took many by surprise was something that happened […]


The stage is set for Super Bowl 54 in Miami, Florida. Wunderkind Patrick Mahomes and the  Kansas City Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers and their tough defense. This is the third time the Chiefs will play for the Super Bowl, but the first time since Super Bowl IV in 1970. The San […]


Lamar Jackson has taken the NFL by storm. It’s his second season in the league and after people tried to force him to be a receiver rather than a quarterback he’s balling out. His QBR rating is through the roof and the only thing more impressive than his arm, is his ability to run. Rarely […]


In life we’re faced with choices that shape the way we experience the years between birth and death. Those of us who are lucky enough are either born into or earn the capability of having options as far as education, career, relationships, beliefs, and lifestyle standards. Specifically, in America, we grow up in a capitalist […]

Deion Sanders opens up about his suicide attempt back in 1997.

The final season of one of Netflix's most popular shows is now streaming.