On today’s episode of Biebz n the Hoodthe riveting American drama about a former-Usher-protégé-turned-troubled-pop-star whose car breaks down in the middle of Watts, Los Angeles—we find Justin Bieber, who’s clearly been out with the neighbors all damn afternoon, doing…pushups?

A now viral fan video threads together bystander clips of Bieber’s day spent with neighborhood residents over the weekend (you know, because the internet) after his car allegedly taps out (tbh, he doesn’t look too stressed). From the looks of it, the day began with an a cappella version of “Hold Tight” before dropping to the ground and busting out some pushups. Later, he takes to the basketball court and impresses everybody (the cameraperson is particularly moved) before jumping in for a soccer game with the kids.

Quite an eventful day he had there, if you ask us. But did anyone even offer to help this man!? 😂

We’re just trying to imagine what the start of this scene looked like. Perhaps they worked out a deal to give his car a jump if he agreed to free entertainment for the day. Or maybe he was just bored. Or maybe it went something like this:

Jokes aside, we’re glad to see a celebrity making time for his fans. Y’all know the Biebz is out of control, tho. As iHeartRadio notes, the 24-year-old has made a handful of interesting headlines as of late, including for “crying in public places over pints of Butterbeer,” pulling an ’07 Britney, and eating a burrito sideways (this was later debunked).

If you missed those episodes Biebz n the Hood, just pull up to the Google search bar to catch up. But in the meantime, in the event that you’re feeling as blue as we are with the end of Daylight Savings Time messing up our internal clocks, this video clip may just be the pick-me-up you need. Press play above.

You’re welcome.