DJ Khaled f-cked us up on so many levels when he dropped his Grateful instant hit “Wild Thoughts” on Friday, June 16. If you haven’t heard the song, it samples Carlos Santana’s 2000 summer anthem “Maria Maria.” Two words: flawlessly executed. Baby Asahd outdid himself with this one.

But, then there’s the video. In just three days, it already boasts over 21 million views. And maybe more importantly, a nipple-bearing, titty-bouncing, nasty-talking Rihanna is front and center the majority of the time. Don’t forget, the Internet was just hating on the kid for putting on weight — but trust and believe, the “fat” comments came to a complete stop as soon as “Wild Thoughts” dropped. In all her thickness, RiRi serves one big “f-ck you” to her body haters. And we’re here for it.

In an unexpected moment, Khaled’s hips don’t lie and we can’t forget Bryson Tiller, who, like always, has the ladies going crazy. Honestly, all he had to do was breathe on the track… it’s a vibe.

Anyway, definitely watch the full video above if you haven’t seen it, but also, below is every isolated moment you need to drool over, laugh at, and love. Grateful drops on June 23. You ready?

Rihanna caresses herself.

Rihanna dips it really low.

DJ Khaled salsas?

Ooouuu, can you handle that?

Rihanna bends over.

We’re going to say this is Bryson Tiller spanking imaginary ass.

Rihanna teases even more nudity.

Bryson Tiller sings in a window. And it’s really hot.

Rihanna’s “cookie’s for the baking.”

My God.

Bryson’s in there, but Rihanna.


Rihanna side-stepping her haters.

And we can’t forget Executive Producer Asahd.

Another one!