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We’ve 99 problems, and nosy-ass neighbors are apparently one of them.


You’re in your back yard, minding your own business, enjoying a brew, and on the phone with family. Lebron and the Lakers come up. Your kin calls you a bandwagon fan (you are), to which you respond:

“I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one.”

Now, if anyone overhears this on the street, it’s pretty safe to say they can name the song it comes from. Produced by none other than Rick Rubin, not only was the track—which was featured on The Black Album, Hov’s supposed “retirement” project—one of the most talked about songs upon its release, but it was #2 on Rolling Stone’s list of Top 100 Songs of the ’00s. It also won the award for Best Rap Solo Performance at the 47th Grammys.

But nah, your neighbor isn’t familiar. So they call the cops on your Black ass because they suspect you’ve been abusing your fiancée, who’s currently enjoying a nice, hot bath upstairs—unbothered.

We wish this was something we just made up, but this actually happened to Tennessee native Davon Eddington, who told TMZ about the incident, which occurred last week.

“According to a police report, obtained by TMZ, cops raced to Davon’s home after the caller told them he heard Davon say he had ’99 problems and this bitch ain’t one,'” TMZ shares. “Davon says cops ultimately got to his house and onto his property with guns drawn before they realized it was a total misunderstanding, to say the least.”

Davon says the cops ended up apologizing. And while no one was hurt, that doesn’t remove the fact that stories like these are traumatizing (see: #PermitPatty, etc—none of which we feel folks should be making light of, btw.) You literally never know how far away you are from having guns pulled on you for existing with brown skin.

At any rate, we’re glad Davon’s alright. Read more about this appalling story here.

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