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Barbie and Ken dolls are on display at t

Source: JENS-ULRICH KOCH / Getty

This past year, Mattel’s “standard” bleach-blonde Barbie doll got a major diverse makeover to reflect a more realistic ethnic and body diversity. The toy giant added three new body types to the line: petite, tall, and curvy with seven skin tones, 22 eye colors, and 24 hairstyles/textures. Now, her male best friend (or partner, or whatever else you imagine him to be in your land of make believe) is getting a very similar new redesign.

Ken is getting his look completely switched up, with new shapes and colors added to his roster. You can get a doll with an “original,” “slim,” or “broad” body type. You can get a Black Ken with cornrows, a broad nose and full lips. You can get an Asian Ken with glasses. A Latinx Ken with curly hair and brown eyes. You can even get mixed Ken with a man bun.

The possibilities are endless — and for the sake of the kids, we’re not mad at it. Check out some of the images down below.