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The season 4 premiere of Power is quickly approaching and if you know great TV you know you can’t miss the return of Ghost, Angela, Tommy, and Kanan.

But before you hit up STARZ for your seasonal dose, get up to speed on where we left off in season 3. Our Power For Dummies cheat sheet is a tell all giving you what you need to know:

The case: FBI Agent Greg Knox is working overtime to figure out who the FBI mole is.Though he believes it’s Angela Valdes, his ex whom he’s recently reunited with, the mole is actually FBI Agent Mike Sandoval.

Elsewhere, Greg persuades drug kingpin Carlos Ruiz to wear a wire while speaking with another kingpin, Milan. Ruiz ends up meeting Tommy Egan, who’s recorded admitting that he and ‘Ghost’ killed drug trafficker, Lobos. After Tommy makes that confession, he kills Ruiz too. Unbeknownst to Tommy, Greg gets word that Ruiz was killed and heads to the crime scene to steal the wiretap off Ruiz. He then listens to Tommy’s admission of guilt in the Lobos murder and listens to him kill Ruiz as well. It’s also now understood that Tommy cannot be ‘Ghost,’ as he mentioned ‘Ghost’ as a person who was with him during the murder.

Greg is at his home sharing the tape with the mole, Sandoval, when he gets a call from his friends in Mexico who prove Sandoval is lying about a deal he mentioned between Lobos and the Federales. When Greg figures out, in that moment, that Sandoval is lying and has been the mole all along, Sandoval kills him and leaves evidence to make it look like Greg was the mole.

Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora): Tommy is in an especially messed up place because earlier in the season he strangled the life out of his girlfriend Holly after her failed attempt to get Jamie killed. Tommy is pretending to carry out Milan’s plan to kill Jamie, but we all know that’ll never happen. Instead, him and Ghost team up to turn on Milan’s crew and take him out once and for all. Meanwhile, the wire with Tommy admitting that he and ‘Ghost’ killed Lobos is in Greg Knox’s hands.

Angela Valdes (Lela Loren): Angela Valdes is growing more and more distrustful of Jamie after he broke things off with her. She starts hooking up with her old bae, FBI Agent Greg Knox, who believes she’s the mole that got their key witness in the ‘Ghost’ case, Felipe Lobos, murdered. We all know Angela is not the mole, but Greg doesn’t realize this until it’s too late and he’s killed by Sandoval, the real mole. Angela, upset about Greg dying and suspicious about what actually went down that night, meets with Jamie the next morning. More suspicious than ever, she goes to Greg’s apartment and starts looking for evidence that might’ve been missed earlier. She finds fingerprints on Greg’s apartment window, runs them through the NYPD database, and finds out they’re Jamie’s. She later arrests him.

James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick): At the very end of Season 3, James is arrested for the murder of FBI Agent, Greg Knox. His ex-girlfriend/mistress AUSA Agent Angela Valdes found fingerprint evidence that she believes places Jamie at the scene of the murder. She then arrests him in the middle of a party at his club, Truth. What really happened? Jamie broke into Greg’s apartment to find the wiretap that might implicate him and Tommy in the murder of notorious drug trafficker, Felipe Lobos. He doesn’t find the tape, as Greg had already been listening to it with mentor, Bailey Markham. Instead, he accidentally left his fingerprint.

Jamie and Tommy were also plotting to get from underneath Milan’s thumb. Milan posed as head of security for Jamie, until he revealed himself as the “cannibal motherfucker” seeking revenge on Jamie and Tommy because they once intercepted a drug run with product that belonged to him. Jamie and Tommy kill Milan together. It’s implied that Tommy will now run Milan’s crew and business. Later, Jamie gets arrested.

Kanan (50 Cent): Kanan is back, but no one who knows his true identity is aware that he’s alive – except for his old worker, Dre, who is now working for Jamie. Kanan is keeping Dre under his thumb by threatening his daughter. Kanan, intent on revenge, has been corrupting Tariq, Jamie’s son, posing as an associate from the old neighborhood named ‘Slim.’ He tests Tariq by challenging him to do a drug drop and Tariq obliges, and doesn’t snitch when a planted cop ‘arrests’ him. Later on, Kanan and his sidekick cousin send a photo to Tariq’s mom, Tasha, with a message that says, “If you want him back, you’re gonna have to pay.”

Dre (Rotimi): Dre’s been fighting the urge to sell drugs, after Jamie takes him under his wing and gives him a job at Truth. Meanwhile, Kanan has been threatening to kill Dre and his family if he speaks a word about Kanan’s existence to Jamie or interferes with his dealings with Jamie’s son, Tariq. Dre tries to tell Tariq hanging out with Kanan is not a good idea, but Tariq doesn’t listen. Living a double life, Dre helps Tommy and Jamie get rid of Milan by taking care of Milan’s bodyguards. He’s doing everything he can to keep all the key players in his life happy.

Tasha St. Patrick (Naturi Naughton): Tasha and her best friend LaKeisha are on the outs after Tasha got LaKeisha’s hair salon mixed up in the drug business. LaKeisha’s not answering any of Tasha’s calls. After getting the ransom text from Kanan, Tasha’s trying to figure out where her son is. Remember: she thinks Kanan is dead, by way of her estranged husband Jamie.

LaKeisha Grant (La La Anthony): We have no idea where LaKeisha is. The order was to get rid of her because she’s seen as a weak link and last time we saw her Tommy looked like he might be walking into her shop to do just that. Is she dead or did Tommy let her leave with the money Tasha offered her?

Season 4 of Power hits STARZ this Sunday, June 25. Don’t miss it!

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