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Kenan Thompson And Kel Mitchell In 'Good Burger'

Source: Archive Photos / Getty

With all of these reboots happening of our favorite 90s and early aughts classics, we’re looking forward to so many of our childhood stars coming back to the silver screen. Could the same be said for Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell in the cult classic Nickelodeon film, “Good Burger”?

On Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, the SNL star was asked about The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon sketch and the possibility of an actual sequel. A few years ago Kenan and Kel reunited on The Tonight Show and did their classic “Good Burger” sketch.

“We’ve been talking about it for a long time, and we’ve had meetings about it,” Thompson said. “So it’s in the higher powers’ hands because we both said we’re down to do it.”

Thompon also elaborated on the viral sketch on Fallon.

“Thanks to Dan Schneider [All That’s creator], he called me and he was like, a friend of his was working on The Tonight Show, and they had that idea to do the reunion,” he said. “He reached out to me and then I called Kel, and then we talked, we played phone tag for like three days… it was a nice, 40 minute conversation that we had… it was nice to reconnect because it was like picking up right from where we left off.”

Kel has also had similar thoughts, sharing a comment in a Buzzfeed interview earlier this year.

“The conversations have started,” he said. “There’s something in the water, everything’s coming back. It will definitely be awesome and there was a meeting! They’re just working everything out contractually, so just keep your ears to the streets.”

So could we be seeing a sequel of the film in the years to come? Only time will tell, but either way, we’re ready.