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Jacquees Vs. Keith Sweat Is Happening.

Jacquees and Keith Sweat are keeping the R&B king debate going  as the two go to head-to-head regarding who the actual king is. Y’all already know that Jacquees believes he’s the R&B king of this generation. Well, TMZ caught Keith Sweat backstage on Saturday at the V-103 Winterfest concert at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, and though he didn’t claim the R&B title for himself, he did make sure to remind young Jacq—who had the audacity to interrupt his interview—who’s still getting that bag.

Watch the clip and and read reactions below.

Alice Walker Is Under Fire.

Renowned author Alice Walker is currently under fire after recommending And the Truth Shall Set You Free in a New York Times profile. The controversy arises as many point out that the book—written by David Icke—contains anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

“In Icke’s books there is the whole of existence, on this planet and several others, to think about,” Walker stated. “A curious person’s dream come true.”

Tablet Magazine has noted that Icke is one of Britain’s most well-known anti-Semites. He also believes that “lizards, posing as people, have taken over the highest echelons of government and society,” as noted by Buzzfeed.

Her praise for Icke dates as far back as 2013, Buzzfeed adds.

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ICYMI, These Are the Black List 2018 Picks.

The Black List is “Hollywood’s annual of unproduced screenplays,” as Deadline describes, and this year’s 73 picks were unveiled via a six minute-42 second second short starring Paul Scheer. Directed and co-written by Noga Pnueli, the clip features Jay Ellis, Yvette Nicole Brown, among others—as well as a script that includes a young Samuel L. Jackson.

Check it out below.

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