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On the latest episode of CasBar, we’re making sure we play the best games of 2018 one more time. This go ’round its everyone’s favorite game to ball out in— NBA 2K19, alongside God Friended Me‘s Brandon Michael Hall.

But before we get into that, we gotta make sure folks know the rules:

  1. If Team CASSIUS wins a round, Brown has to answer any crazy question we ask. If Brown is winning, he gets to plug whatever he wants for 15 seconds.
  2. To make things fair (and speed things up) there will be three rounds.
  3. And, most important: Team CASSIUS better not get its ass kicked.

We decided to switch things up by making both sides play with their hometown teams. Michael Wade is rocking out with the Brooklyn Nets, while Hall, a South Carolina native, squares up with the Charlotte Hornets. As the first quarter begins, Hall brings up the irony of playing a preacher’s kid in “God Friended Me” because he remembers playing church as a child and realized he enjoyed it so much because of the positive reactions he’d get from his mother.

It was soon after he realized all of the similarities between growing up in the church to attending the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts & Humanities and ultimately studying drama at the Juilliard School.

“I realized that I was doing the same thing the preachers were doing. I was just spreading a different message that was from a different writer,” Hall said.

But to find out who was able to come out on top in the faceoff, watch the latest episode of CasBar up top.

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