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The Next Season of Black Mirror Wants You to Choose Your Own Adventure.

While the folks behind the new season of Black Mirror had previously been tight-lipped, it looks like we’re finally getting a peek at what to expect when the next installment of the hit thriller show hits Netflix tomorrow (December 28).

Per a leaked screenshot shared by VICE, it looks like the next episode—a “feature film” titled “Bandersnatch”—will be a choose-your-own-adventure offering. No confirmation has come from Netflix as of press time, but let’s face it: social media is pretty good at figuring these sorts of things out, so the guess is probably correct.

“According to the leak … Bandersnatch will have a whopping 312-minute runtime,” VICE reports. “That’s five hours and 20 minutes, significantly longer than anything you could get away with calling a ‘feature film,’ so it stands to reason that all that footage is actually just various possible strands for an all-new, interactive story.”

We’ll have to wait until the clock strikes midnight to find out, but for now, you can peep the “Bandersnatch” trailer below.

Cam Newton Just Made This 6-Year-Old’s Entire Holiday Season.

A 6-year-old was ecstatic to have received a Cam Newton jersey—which he believed came from Newton himself—for Christmas. He was so excited, that his aunt decided to share his video on social media to see if she could get Newton to send him something special.

“Hello everyone this is my 6 year old nephew Robbie Rooks he received a jersey and he thinks Cam Newton sent it to him,” @jordanrox329 tweeted on Tuesday. “I would like to make his imagination come true, so if you could please rt hoping that Cam can see this and possibly give his little fan a signed jersey.”

Thanks to the magic of Twitter, it wasn’t long before the Carolina Panthers Twitter account addressed her wish.

“Santa Cam saw [your video] and is hooking ya up with a new one,” they tweeted to young Robbie a day later.

Merry Christmas, indeed.

James Harden Is Giving Back, Too.

Harden and his charity foundation treated 70 underserved kids in the Houston area to a shopping spree at Target on Monday. As reported by TMZ, the kids were totally unsuspecting and excited as hell.

Not only did each child receive a gift card loaded with a couple hundred dollars, but the store was shut down especially for them.

Here’s to spreading holiday cheer.

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