Source: Gary Gershoff / Getty

Hot 97 and Apple Music Beats 1 personality Ebro Darden is getting a major upgrade in 2019.

Darden has received the title of Apple Music’s global editorial head of hip-hop and R&B. In this role, he’ll manage a team of hip-hop and R&B editors in developing editorial strategies for artists, albums and song releases in the U.S. and globally.

“We’re excited that Ebro is joining us in a full-time capacity,” Apple Music’s Global Director of Editorial Rachel Newman said. “Having dedicated his life and career to hip-hop, R&B and pop music, he has so much to offer. One of Ebro’s most defining characteristics is that he has great ears for where R&B and hip-hop are transcending and evolving to beyond even the borders of the U.S. He’ll obviously take a leadership position for us just in hip-hop and R&B but also in the communities where the music is made, which is also exciting and something unique to Ebro.”

But don’t worry Ebro fans—Darden will still continue to host Hot97’s Ebro in the Morning and Apple Music Beats1. But as far as his first order of business in 2019, he’ll be finding ways to serve the community with his new role.

“First things first is making sure that we’re firing on all cylinders in the best way possible, helping consumers find the music that they love and also helping artists connect with consumers in a real way,” he told Billboard. “Once I learn about what’s needed to achieve that, it will be about looking ahead and figuring out ways to serve the communities where hip-hop and R&B music is made. Black music comes from the community. This is music made by people living real lives and artists speaking on behalf of those lives.”

Darden also said that he wants to “get down at the community level and connect with people to not only help artists service their communities but help those communities thrive.”

“I’ll be wherever R&B and hip-hop are being consumed and working to create communication amongst communities around the world through Apple Music — making sure that Black music is being recognized and developing the next superstars,” he added.