Portrait Of The Singer Sade

Source: Paul Natkin / Getty

Happy birthday to the smooth operator. On Sade’s 60th trip around the sun, CASSIUS rounds up 20 tracks that name drop the originator of sultry cool.

1. Wyclef Jean – “Rear View”

“Look in the sky

It’s no bird, it’s no plane, it’s just you

Staring in my rear view

Telling me the things that you wanna do

Listening to Sade Sweetest Taboo”

2. Prince – “S.S.T.”

“Or did you let them die in the rain?

Endless war, poverty or hurricane

Then it’s time for another groove

Like Sade‘s ‘Sweetest Taboo'”

3. Jay-Z – “All Around the World”

“Now I’m gon’ send her on her own little wish list

Anywhere in the world, anywhere for my girl

Forever my lady, blind crippled and crazy

A ticket and your favorite CD — sweet Sade

4. Boyz II Men – “Perfect Love Song”

“Joe, R. K***y, Mary J., Faith, Mariah and Sade

Made the Whole world sing many times, many ways

But you are

You’re the perfect love song”

5. Nas – “The Makings of a Perfect B*tch”

“Gimme Sade‘s mystique, she gotta know her way in the streets

Like Billie Holiday in Harlem

Body from Ki Toy Johnson and Kenya Moore and Apple Bottoms”

6. Usher – “Love You Gently”

“Got that, got plenty, I got you

Do you say, ‘Play some slow ones’

Got that Sade, Al Green, and Marvin Gaye, too

To love you gently”

7. Rich Homie Quan – “Type of Way”

“My niggas been hustlin’ trying to make him something

Ain’t no telling what he’ll do for the paper

Soufflé, I’m straight, I steak my plate

Sade, I’m a smooth operator”

8. TWENTY88 – “Push It”

“You put that dress on for me tonight like it’s the Met Ball

Cancel all your other plans off

I’m gonna play this Johnny Gil, Vandross and Sade, and Goapele

And you gon use that mouth to take these pants off”

9. Tyler, The Creator – “OKAGA, CA”

“We in outer space

We’ll waste our days

Sade, Sade, Sade (Sade)

Oh, right now (f*ck what they say)”

10. Outkast – “West Savannah”

“So flyin’, or floatin’, a Brougham is what I’m sportin’

Sade is in my tape deck, I’m moving in slow motion, boi

So meet me deep in the streets that’s where I learned the capers

Us lickin’ blunts, lickin’ leaves, rolling reefer papers”

11. Eric B. & Rakim – “Keep the Beat”

“Deep trunk kicks with a brick for a drum stick

You know the song, don’t hum along, come quick

You lay like Sade, it feels like paradise

At the top of the pyramid, we review new heights”

12. J. Cole – “Daddy’s Little Girl”

“Can I get a witness, this is Sade mixed with Shawty Lo

Ey, Jezebel, why you be up in every party for?

You lost to lookin’ for a savior, I ain’t Mario

I got no cape, but I can’t wait to give you cardio”

13. T.I. – “Chillin with My B*tch”

“I left the kids at the crib, and the squad in the trap

Now I’m in the two-seater with my broad in my lap

The alpines beatin’, but I’m far away from rappin’

Bumpin’ Prince, Sade, or some Marvin Gaye perhaps”

14. Common – “Raw (How You Like It)”

“Tuned in to what I’m doing

I’m so unassuming when I’m pursuing

The ladies, the ladies, a soldier of love like Sade

Showing love to this lady when this nigga tried to play me”

15. Meek Mill – “Maybach Curtains” (feat. Nas, John Legend & Rick Ross)

“My liquid money’s a hypnotist to your misses

Lay back like I’m in the chair of a dentist

Nasir relentless, a freak like Prince is, mystique like Sade

Soon as I enter people, point and see my anointment”

16. Jadakiss – “Nasty Girl” (feat. Carl Thomas)

“I’mma show you the Kiss of Life sorta like Sade

G-class 5, the seats go sideways

Wit the see-through roof, OOF!

Rims so big they leave dents in the highway”

17. Heavy D – “Get Fresh Hev”

“My erotic taste is, outrageous, upstages, the bravest

Of lovers, but this one’s overweight, Waterbed, now get it straight

Sade CD, killin me softly

You know Victoria’s Secrets but speak it cause you want me”

18. The Roots – “Break You Off” (feat. Musiq Soulchild)

“Rollin’ down the highway, listenin’ to Sade

Sing the way the smooth operator move my way

You sitting beside me

Looking like Friday Foster”

19. Tech N9ne – “Night and Day”

“Have women and we’ll travel, she will straddle

Saddle up bitches ’cause this is a, real battle

I’m loving to parlay, rock & roll even Sade

Playin’ when layin’ having our nasty little soiree”

20. Estelle – “Fall in Love [Avenue Remix]”

“I’m a soldier of love ask Sade

More like frank only do it my way

It don’t matter what the blogs say

I go hard like ain’t nobody signed me”