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Sen. Kamala Harris Speaks At Her Alma Mater Howard University

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Kamala Harris is running for president.

“I’m running for president of the United States and I’m very excited about it,” Harris announced during her MLK Day appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America. “I’m honored to be able to make my announcement on the day that we commemorate [Dr. King].”

In the first 24 hours of announcing her campaign, over $1.5 million in grassroots contributions were raised. Harris took to Twitter to say thank you on Tuesday.

In a time when women are making major strides in the world of politics, Harris’ announcement comes as a stirring moment in history.

From her official campaign launch date to where you can go to learn more, here are a few things to know about Harris’ campaign.

She’ll Be the First Black Woman & First Asian-American Woman to Be a Major-Party Presidential Nominee.

If nominated, of course. Before her were Shirley Chisholm and Carol Moseley Braun, both Black women who previously ran for spots on the Democratic ticket.

In Fact, Her Campaign Honors These Women.

As pointed out by ABC, Harris’ campaign colors—yellow, red and blue—were chosen to pay homage to Chisholm’s historic campaign.

She’s Confident in What She Brings.

“I have the unique experience of having been a leader in local government, state government, and federal government,” she said told GMA’s Robin Roberts. “The American public wants a fighter … and I’m prepared to do that.”

Her Campaign Launches in Oakland on January 27.

Her theme, as unveiled in her announcement video, is “For the People.” And it looks like the people are also for her. “According to a recent analysis published by Axios, Harris far and away leads the 2020 pack when it comes to Twitter,” Vox notes.

You Can Learn More at

You can also read more about her history here.