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GQ and NFL’s Super Bowl Honors Afterparty played host to a who’s-who in entertainment, including Mike Will, Chanel Iman, and DeAndre Hopkins.

But who we’re especially hype to see in GQ’s recap photos is Kelvin Peña aka @BrotherNature (formerly @ColdGameKelv on Twitter), who has risen to viral video fame since taking the internet by storm with “Money and the deer squad.”

Donning a super fresh baby pink plaid suit, Peña can be seen living it up with Mike Will, Swae Lee and others, and it looks like they were having a hell of a time. He also shared a photo of himself rocking his suit the day before the big night, so it looks like he was feeing his fit as much as we are.

We’re admittedly disappointed that Canela wasn’t there, but we’re sure it was for a good reason. After all, who’s gonna look after Money and the gang while he’s gone? If you’ve been keeping up with Peña on social media lately,Peña’s expanded his brand beyond his deer time (though, of course, they’re family forever), posting videos with animals from all over and even plugging others brands through sponsored ads.

He also got a new set of teeth, which followers were quick to point out as a sign of Peña’s growing success:

Besides that, Peña is also working toward bettering the lives of others. In fact, he founded the Everybody Eats Foundation to help feed the hungry—beyond his deer homies. And following Hurricane Maria, he put proceeds from the foundation toward relief efforts to help those struggling in Puerto Rico.

“I do not know exactly what is going on over there on the island and I just know I want to help as much as I can,” Peña told NBC News in 2017. “I know there are people suffering and they have no way of spreading the word over here of what is going on.”

He continued, “There are so many people without power, and I am really thinking about all the babies and all the people in hospitals who are sick, that is who I am worried about. They have no way to help themselves because the island is completely destroyed. That is what hurts.”

Considering all he does for the betterment of others, we’re just glad to see Brother Nature finding time to enjoy himself. Now when’s the nature show happening? 👀👀👀