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It’s Black History month, which means it’s time to celebrate… us. And what better way to celebrate than by receiving some very extraneous instructions on how to live your best life during the shortest month of the year from our Black king, Dustin?

But now, on to some other Kings that helped spawn a movement to make sure all people of color are seen as equals to their white counterparts. While many tried to denounce the Civil Rights movements and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, it was those ideas that sparked the initial idea of change that we truly owe our freedom to.

And as Dustin notes, they still knew how to dress, got ‘fits off, and knew the importance of being presentable at all time. He also recommends that you look just as regal as you leave the club this weekend, but we don’t think that will happen considering you were passed out drunk in the corner by the time the sparklers came through.

Have style, have grace, and look good while you’re doing anything.

Oh, and Dustin may or may not have insinuated that Eartha Kitt sorta, kinda, maybe resembles Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee, but we digress. And yes, Dustin is wearing a t-shirt that reads Hella Black, Hella Proud. And no, we don’t know where he got it.

But in his own words, “Just like the color black never goes out of style, Black people don’t either. Be like those before us. Set the path ablaze for others to follow down it.”

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