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Ice Spice — “Think U The Sh-t (Fart)”

Ice Spice surprised audiences with her breakout single “Munch (Feelin’ U).” She was a newcomer then but she’s since proven her hit-making capabilities with “Bikini Bottom,” “In Ha Mood” and “Deli,” among others. So it comes as less of a surprise then, that her latest snippet spawned a hit before it even dropped. This time around, she makes magic with “Think U The Sh-T (Fart).”

“Think you the sh-t, b—h? You not even the fart,” Ice proclaims on the track. “I be goin’ hard / I’m breaking their hearts / B—es be quick but I’m quicker / B—es be thick but I’m thicker / She could be rich but I’m richer.”

Even going beyond the aforementioned hits, Ice Spice has been on quite a run. This includes the solo success coupled with huge collaborations with Taylor Swift (“Karma”) and Pinkpantheress (“Boy’s a liar Pt. 2”) and Nicki Minaj (“Barbie’s World” and “Princess Diana”).

Ice Spice hasn’t been doing it alone. All of her success has been alongside frequent collaborator RIOTUSA. RIOT proves he still isn’t playing behind the boards on this one. He produced this cut alongside Synthetic and Venny. Listen to the viral new single below.

Megan Thee Stallion — “HISS”

Megan Thee Stallion isn’t biting her tongue but she’s still keeping her snake theme slithering. Fresh off her “Cobra” release, the Texas titan returns with another reptile-based banger in the form of “HISS.”

Thee Stallion kicks the new joint off by addressing rumors. “I ain’t gotta clear my name,” she explains. “I’m finna get this sh-t off my chest and lay it to rest.” From there, Meg also aims her venom at haters.

“B—es swear they G but the G must stand for goofy,” she jokes. “When the f—k did all the gangsta n—s turn to groupies?” Later, she adds: “All these lil’ rap n—s so fraud / Xanax be they hardest bars / These n—s hate on BBLs and be walkin’ ’round with the same scars.”

Bankroll Got It, Lil Ju, and Shawn “Source” Jarrett all teamed up on the production. Listen to “HISS” below.

Lyrical Lemonade — All Is Yellow

Famed music video director Cole Bennett has turned Lyrical Lemonade into a premiere destination for rap acts. Eminem, Juice WRLD, Jack Harlow, Central Cee, and Gunna have all been in front of his lens. Now, he parlays that music video success into an album, All Is Yellow.

Bennett squeezed collaborations out of some familiar faces on this release. Slim Shady, JID, Lil Skies, Lil Yachty, Cordae, Joey Bada$$, Kid Cudi, Aminé, Denzel Curry, and many more appear here. Juicy J, Car!ton, Cole, Kosher World, and Jacob Wice are among the LP’s producers.

Cole says the timing worked out for this one. “I’ve been talking about doing a Lyrical Lemonade album for years now, and I just never felt ready for it. But now is the best time to do it because I’ve done music videos for so long, I’ve built so many beautiful relationships, and I really understand my taste more than ever,” he told Complex.

This might feel like a compilation, but Bennett says it’s much more. “All of the songs have been built from scratch and there’s a consistent theme,” he added. “It’s world-building. I don’t know if I would have been able to create that in 2018 or 2019. Subconsciously, I think I realized that I needed to grow more as an artist before I stepped into something like that.”

Lil Nas X — “Where Do We Go Now?”

Lil Nas X returned to the music scene with “J Christ.” Now, he slows things down with a more melodic and inquisitive follow-up single, “Where Do We Go Now?”

Here, Lil Nas X contemplates growth and evolution. “This door in my home ain’t ever gonna let me grow / She won’t close now, honestly / She’s slowing me down.” He also continues down that path as the track builds.

“So where do we go now?” he ponders. “We’ve seen everything we had to see / We figured it out, my love / So where are we going? / So where do we go now?”

After battling with himself (“Gravity is just like me / Pulling me down every chance it gets”), Lil Nas X also thinks more about the future. “I just wanna be somebody new inside,” he sings. “I just wanna be somebody else out there / I just wanna feel consoled inside / I just wanna be somebody new inside.”

Lil Nas X also recently described this track as “new music to match with your depression.” The track is from the upcoming Long Live Montero documentary, which is slated to hit MAX Jan. 27.