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21 loves the kids.

Swiftly getting back into the swing of things following his ICE detainment, 21 Savage announced Wednesday that he’d be expanding his Bank Account Campaign. The expansion comes in an effort to teach teens across the nation about financial literacy.

In a statement, 21 shared that despite having a song called “Bank Account,” he “knew almost nothing about bank accounts” when he was growing up.

Sidebar: to be honest, some of us here at #TeamCASSIUS are still figuring that out our damn selves, but that’s a whole different discussion. 🙃🙃🙃

“As I have gotten smarter about financial management, I realize how empowering it is to control your money rather than be controlled by it,” 21 said. “I want to help kids with a background similar to mine to get smart about their money.”

In pushing the initiative, 21 is collaborating with nonprofits Juma and Get Schooled, which both work toward helping kids build promising futures for their education and finances.

“With finance not a major topic of study in schools, Savage wants to make sure kids avoid predatorial credit card companies and not make the mistake of be locked into high-interest loans and accumulate debt at a young age,” Billboard explains.

In terms of the status of his freedom, 21 is feeling positive thanks to the support he’s received from fans, his community, and his team.

“It’s like putting bulletproof glass in front of a bulletproof vest,” 21 Savage told Jon Caramanica in a recent New York Times interview. “I’m going to stand up already, this vest already going to stop any bullet you throw, and y’all going to come help and put some glass in front of it too? This can’t be stopped. We a tank now. We was already the army — now we coming in tanks.”

Check out the Bank Account PSA below, then head to Juma and Get Schooled to learn more.