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This Fan-Made Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Trailer Has Us Wanting a 2019 Reboot.

Not that we need another reboot, but seriously, this trailer is awesome. Okayplayer caught up with Morgan Cooper, the director behind the trailer that has gone viral since it debuted on the internet this week, and she says things haven’t been the same since.

“A lot has happened in the last 48 hours and continues to happen,” Cooper told Okayplayer. “People have really taken to this.”

The 2019 version proposes the question:

“What would happen if Will Smith made The Fresh Prince today? Bel-Air, a story of a kid from Philly whose life got turned upside-down… in 2019?”

Can we get a full show forreal, though? Peep the trailer below:

Speaking of Trailers, Will Smith Shared the Full Aladdin Trailer Yesterday.

All blue makeup jokes aside, this film looks like it’s gonna be pretty wavy. Plus, we’re really interested in seeing how Smith brings his comedic essence to the role of the genie.

“I watched the movie a few times, I saw where Robin Williams infused the character with a timeless version of himself,” he said to Entertainment Weekly in December. “So I said to myself, ‘What if I just infuse the character with a timeless version of myself?’ And then that opened up for me… hip-hop, it opened up fashion.”

Aladdin hits theaters on May 24. Watch the trailer below:

David Oyelowo Wants to Be the First Black James Bond.

“The significance of someone like me playing a role like James Bond is not lost on me,” he recently told the Times UK. “It is going to be something that will expand horizons.”

He continued, “One of the most beautiful things I have seen in America on Halloween is white kids running around in Black Panther costumes. I did not have a superhero to identify with growing up on a council estate in Islington. It was all Superman.”

We’d love to see Oyelowo as Bond ourselves, but we’re also still kind of rooting for our boy Idris Elba.

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