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Last March, Basketball Twitter was in shambles when news broke that Cleveland Cavaliers guard JR Smith threw a bowl of soup at assistant coach Damon Jones. There were literally hundreds of questions and almost zero answers.

We knew that there was an argument in the locker room, Smith threw soup at Jones, and that was about it. Later, we would find out that the soup in question was chicken tortilla, but there was nothing new about the altercation for almost a year.

Jones recently joined ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby and discussed what happened on that fateful moment in the locker room.

“It was the first bowl out of the pot, so it was hot as hell,” said Jones. “It went everywhere. I was standing up. It hit me in the shoulder, arm, everywhere. It hit the wall. It was a mess.”

“All I remember is the soup was on my arm and it was hot as hell.”

One of the more interesting nuggets of the story is that Jones didn’t want to talk to anyone about it because he didn’t even talk to Smith about it for three months. The two went 90 days without saying a single word to each other because Smith threw not just the soup, but the bowl with it.

Smith was suspended for the incident when it happened, but the two have since apologized to each other and are on good terms now.