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US actor Jonathan Majors' trial on assault charges begins in New York

Source: Anadolu / Getty / Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors will have to wait to learn if he will spend some time behind bars for domestic violence convictions.

Spotted on Deadline, Judge Michael Gaffey told his Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday that the Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania star will learn if he will sent to jail on April 8. Majors attended the hearing virtually while his legal team and prosecutors were on hand for the judge’s announcement.

The website reports that Judge Gaffey asked Majors two questions, responding “Yes, sir,” and telling him, “I want to remind you that the protection order is in effect,” forbidding him to come in contact with his ex, Grace Jabbari.

Per Deadline:

Convicted of reckless assault and harassment by a jury on December 18, Majors faces a sentence that could range from probation to a year behind bars as a first-time offender in a misdemeanor case.

The long-scheduled sentencing was initially supposed to occur this morning in NYC, but that went out the window as the defense filed a not-unexpected motion to set aside the verdict. The District Attorney’s office has until March 5 to response to the motion to set aside the verdict. With zero April Fool’s Day irony, Gaffey said he intends to make a ruling on the defense motion by April 1.

Following the jury’s December conviction, it’s been all downhill for Major’s acting career. Marvel Studios immediately fired him. The bodybuilding film Magazine Dreams is currently in limbo at Searchlight Picture, and he will no longer be playing Dennis Rodman in the upcoming movie 48 Hours in Vegas.

Many legal experts don’t believe Majors will receive any jail time, but he has already lost a lot of money, so there’s that.