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The feud between New York Giants general manager David Gettleman and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. continues to fester, despite his departure from the team. The NFL GM has not made himself much of a fan favorite following his decision to trade their star player to the Cleveland Browns last month. In an exclusive interview with, Gettleman attempts to clear up any confusion, only to stoke more flames.

“I think some people are still missing it. Football is the ultimate team game. If all 11 guys aren’t doing the right thing, you’re not going to be successful,” Gettleman explained in the interview. “There’s more to it than just collecting talent. There is a cultural thing to it that’s critical. I have not been on a team that’s gone to a Super Bowl that’s had a culture problem.”

It can be alluded to Beckham being the “culture problem” that Gettleman suggests. When asked by Steve Politi of if there is a culture problem now, Gettleman responded with a smile on his face, “Not anymore.”

Gettleman would further drive the point home, lashing out at critics for his decision making and the team rebuilding on an older roster.

“What I find interesting, there are people reporting and making judgments on what I do and how I do my job who don’t know the game, who have never been involved with a team and have just been on the outside looking in,” Gettleman would retort. “That’s not your fault, by the way. It’s just the way it is. But the problem is, to me, is when a reporter makes a judgment and doesn’t have all the information. That’s a thing I just shake my head at.”

Throughout his five seasons with the Giants, Beckham has been openly outspoken about the organization’s direction and critical of his teammates. In particular, he often didn’t take the side of aging quarterback Eli Manning, which led to the Giants front office reprimanding the star receiver. Beckham’s actions have led to him being repeatedly called a “locker room cancer” to the team.

When Odell caught news of the Gettleman interview, he responded in a laughing manner: