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New details are unfolding in the shooting death of Nipsey Hussle as the second man shot on that tragic day breaks his silence. Kerry Lathan, the man who was injured in the March 31 shooting, was interviewed by KCAL about the final moments with Nipsey and his subsequent arrest.

Lathan, 56, is a parolee after serving a 25-year prison sentence that the late rapper assisted in giving him new clothes. It was then that the gunman, Eric Holder, opened fire and wounded Lathan with a bullet lodged in his back. According to doctors that treated him, they are unable to take the bullet out in fear of bounding Lathan to a wheelchair.

“I have a bullet in my back. Fragment in it broke off near my spine. They say if we take it out, there’s a possibility you could be paralyzed,” Lathan said to reporters.

While he is dealing with his recovery, Lathan, unfortunately, has to deal with the legal system. After the shooting, he was arrested in his halfway house for violating his parole by “associating with a gang member.” Hussle is known for his affiliation of the Rollin 60s Crips, though he left a life of crime as his music career came into fruition. Lathan would respond to his arrest in a jail call via his attorney, Lauren Noriega.

“I’m in a wheelchair, but now they’re trying to send me back for life for just being there. Gang association. And I was sitting there with an activist, a peacemaker, a person representing the community.”

Noriega would expatiate to KCAL on Lathan and other convicts’ struggles with criminal rehabilitation in the public eye:

“The law is written in a way where really reformed and rehabilitated gang members have no opportunity to be seen as a reformed and rehabilitated in the eyes of the law,” he continued.

Nipsey Hussle succumbed to the gunshot wounds he received as Lathan survived. The gunman, Holder, has been charged with four felony counts, including one for murder, two for attempted murder, and one of possession of a fireman by a felon.