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The neverending debate between NBA players past and present continues to rage on. With every passing generation of superstars that come forward (LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Giannis Anteteokoumpo), there will be an OG that says they aren’t as good as Kobe Bryant, Shaq, or Michael Jordan. Even former NBA players will get into the fray like Dennis Rodman, who was guest on Overtime last week taking a lie detector test.

The five-time NBA Champion and Hall of Famer was in Brooklyn taking the interview/test, in which he had no qualms about defending current Los Angeles Laker LeBron James. Around the six-minute mark of the video, “The Worm” states that LeBron’s game is entirely too easy to defend as he has no good basketball moves.

“Do you know who can lock up LeBron? Me, Mike, and Scottie could,” Rodman explained in the video below. “LeBron is so easy to play. He is so f*cking easy to play. He don’t have any moves… He ain’t got no moves… Scottie Pippen could shut his f*cking ass down quick before I get to him. His game is too simple, he just big…. 6’8, 6’9. That’s the only thing he got. Pretty much. I’ve played against guys 7’0, 300. So, it don’t really matter.”

He holds nothing back for Warriors forward Kevin Durant as well, citing that his length wouldn’t be an issue.

“KD, same thing. Once you get to know people’s game it’s very easy to play them. They just long. They just tall.”

This is certainly not the first time both LeBron and KD had received commentary by the former Bulls. Scottie Pippen routinely has shown praise and criticism towards James and Durant. Just recently, Pippen sees the comparisons between KD and Jordan as scoring phenoms:

“They’re scoring a lot of points and they’re not shooting threes,” Pippen said on Monday’s edition of ESPN’s The Jump. “I definitely see the comparison. When they catch the ball in their sweet spot, you at their mercy and obviously KD can shoot over anybody.”

So is it “Oochie Wally” or “One Mic” when it comes to the OGs appreciating the talent of their younger peers?