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Bushwick Bill, one of the founding members of the legendary Houston rap group, Geto Boys, revealed that he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Bill, 52, said to TMZ that the diagnosis came back in February after checking in with doctors about a benign mass in his pancreas. Since then he’s been receiving intensive chemotherapy treatment. Bill told the site that it is still too early to tell how his body is responding to the treatment.

Before now, Bill has kept his diagnosis under wraps, only revealing it to his closest friends and family. Now he is ready to share this news to the world, while in the process of telling his fellow Geto Boy members, Scarface and Willie D.

“I feel like keeping it to myself is not really helping nobody,” Bushwick told TMZ in their video clip. “And it’s not like I’m afraid of dying because if anyone knows anything about me from ‘Ever so Clear,’ I died and came back already on June 19, 1991. So I know what it’s like already on the other side. So that’s not what it’s really about. It’s about life and loving life and being there for family… I just want people to be aware so that when they set dreams and goals, they’re healthy enough to fulfill it and live.”

Bushwick Bill has also revealed that he is working on three albums and writing a new book in hopes of supporting his family in the wake of the news.

“And the reason I’m doing three albums right now because I notice when most celebrities pass, they really don’t have nothing set up for their children and everything is in disarray,” Bill explains. “I figure my old music will sell, but if I have new music for them and I have a book and I have a documentary and I have any other endeavors that I get into now at least they will have residual income for those things.”