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D-Wade & LeBron James Considered Playing For Bulls or Knicks

Source: Sarah Stier / Getty

Imagine the PB&J duo of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade playing together on the Chicago Bulls or New York Knicks. According to Wade, that almost could have happened, according to his sit-down with Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson on their Player’s Tribune podcast, “Knuckleheads.”

Wade and James changed how players moved during free agency the summer of 2010 when they decided to join forces along with Chris Bosh in Miami. During the interview, Wade revealed that the idea of playing alongside his fellow banana boat buddy wasn’t a thought until that summer when James and his agent at the time, Leon Rose, reached out—revealing he was interested in teaming up with D-Wade.

Wade rubbed more salt in Bulls and especially Knicks fans open wounds with the revelation that James and Wade had the teams on their list of landing spots. The reason they opted to sign with the Heat being it was the only team with enough money them sign them both and Chris Bosh who was an integral piece in making the big three a dominant force at that time in the league.

“When it came down to it, Miami was the only team that had enough money to get all three of us,” Wade said. “Once it got to the point like, ‘Yo, CB is the perfect match,’ ultimately, bro, I just wanted to win.”

The rest is history with the Heat making four straight NBA Finals appearances winning two chips before LeBron decided to make his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Knicks fans are probably wondering what if? But with the idea of both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joining the franchise via free agency, as well as possibly drafting Zion Williamson, their long-suffering could potentially come to an end this summer.