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Cersei thought she was the baddest bitch in all of Westeros but quickly learned the hard way her reign as the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms is coming to an end. The final straw? Her ordering Sir Zombie Gregor to chop off Daenerys’ trusted advisor Missandei’s head to flex her muscle. The Mother of Dragons’ had that look in her eyes, and it was not the glimmer of hope we were used to seeing but that of rage. The Targaryen gene fully activated and the Mad Queen was born in Game of Thrones penultimate episode.

Varys Was Right About Daenerys, Unfortunately For Him

The episode opens up with Varys drafting up a note detailing that Jon is the true heir to the throne. We immediately get hints of Dany’s paranoia kicking in, and Tyrion doesn’t help matters by dropping a dime on his friend Lord Varys snitching like Tekashi69 that the castrated master of informants planned to spread the word about her relations with her nephew.

For a man with no nuts he sure does have a massive pair for even attempting to go against his Queen.

Auntie Dany makes the call and sends Grey Worm to go collect Varys and puts him into chains. It doesn’t take too long this episode to see another cast member go this time. Daenerys gives the word and orders her last remaining dragon to incinerate her former advisor as an example to those who even think about spreading her dirty little incestuous secret. Poor Jon watches in utter shock as he is witnessing first hand the woman he bent the knee to give in to the madness that infests her blood.

Jon, after witnessing the woman he once loved descent into madness, has a private talk with the Queen. Snow insisted to Varys before he got turned into a deep-fried turkey, and Daenerys numerously he does not want to sit on the throne. He also no longer has any desire to get in his Aunt’s guts much to her dismay. She takes the hint and decides rather than ruling with love, she will do so using fear as her biggest tool.

Madness Activated, Daenerys Burns It All

Cersei has the numbers, the golden army, Euron with the Iron Fleet and dragon repellent in the form of giant crossbows called scorpions. She should be confident as hell—her new boy toy shot Rhaegal out the sky quite quickly. Well despite being down to just Drogon, sorry the more dragons theory didn’t pan out, Daenerys came through to King’s Landing and went ham like LeBron James in game 6 of Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics.

One dragon, no problem was the motto as the Mother of Dragons lived up to her title and quickly took out Euron and the Iron Fleet. She then set her sights on the Scorpions set up around the kingdom and destroyed them. With those obstacles out the way, she laid waste to the Golden Army and the front gate they were standing in front of.

Cersei’s forces knew they were in trouble and quickly decided they didn’t want any of the smoke Daenerys brought to their front door. They threw down their swords to the relief of Jon Snow and sounded the bell signaling a full surrender. While this should have marked the end of the one-sided battle, Tyrion who begged his Queen to show mercy before the lopsided skirmish knew the shit was about to hit the fan.

As the bells rang, they probably signaled each person and dragon she lost that was dear to her in her head. Peace was not a part of the plan, and thus the Mad Queen was born. Anybody could get it and that included women, children as well as soldiers who just surrendered. To make matters worse, Khaleesi going off the deep end gave Grey Worm who’s been itching to kick some ass after watching his cuddle bae’s dome get chopped smooth off, permission to go off. The remaining Dothraki, Unsullied and soldiers from Winterfell also joined in the fun with poor Jon absolutely appalled at what he was witnessing.

While King’s Landing and its occupants are literally being turned to ash, Cersei is definitely watching from a tower. For some reason, she believes there still is a chance to win, her maester Qyburn had to convince her otherwise telling her its time to get the hell out of dodge before she is turned into a shish kebob.

With King’s Landing literally burning and the ash coming down like snowflakes it harkens back to Daenerys’ vision she had while trapped inside The House of Undying.

A Fitting End For Jaime and Cersei

Jaime left Brienne in tears after busting down her virgin cakes and taking off for King’s Landing to link back up with his twin/lover Cersei. We learn early in the episode he doesn’t make it too far because he gets captured— which Daenerys reveals to Tyrion while she berates him for failing.

Tyrion has a soft spot for his brother because Jaime helped him stay alive as a youth. So to pay it forward he decides to help him escaped despite knowing this can mean being turned into a roasted mini marshmallow. The one-handed Lannister takes the mini hand of the of King up on his offer and immediately makes it to King’s Landing. His journey to his incestuous lover is impeded when the doors to the Red Keep are closed forcing him to find another way.

He eventually bumps into Euron who somehow survived Drogon’s assault. The two battle out with Euron looking to earn the honor of being the man to take out the Kingslayer. The two get into an intense fight, and Jaime gets wounded severely, but he manages to get the better of Uncle Euron delivering the fatal blow. With Euron out of the way its time to go save Cersei.

Cersei is all alone at the moment with her hand Qyburn being hilariously killed by his creation Sir Gregor because he got in the way of his fight with his brother The Hound. The once strong and ruthless queen is now desperate and scared just looking for a way to survive the attack. Jaime finally catches up with her, and they head for the keep, but their road to freedom is blocked off. The two embraced with Jaime consoling his sobbing sister who clearly didn’t think she and her child was going to die. They are both crushed with the castle falling on top of them.

Now while many will argue they got a pleasant death they did not deserve, this is actually a fitting death for both of them. They both basked in confidence and to see them go out as mere shadows of their cocky selves was a treat despite Daenerys not getting the opportunity to deliver the final blow.

Arya and The Hound Look To Settle The Score

Arya wants to kill Cersei really badly and cross her off her list, but she won’t get the chance. BUT it looks like her list got a new name added to it as she witnessed the merciless devastation at the hands of Mad Queen and her giant fire-breathing lizard. Meanwhile, The Hound finally looks to get his revenge on his brother for burning his face as a child.

The two giant knights of House Clegane go at it with Sandor learning that his brother is pretty much indestructible. Things look bleak with The Hound almost suffering the same fate as Oberyn Martell at the hands of the Mountain. With some quick thinking, The Hound pulls out a dagger and stabs Sir Gregor in the eye before his undead brother can push in his eyeballs.

Realizing this battle is going to be fruitless, The Hound decides to go out in a blaze of gory pushing Sir Gregor through a wall with both of them falling to a fiery death. Arya who managed to survive Drogon’s assault on King’s Landing encounters a horse and hops on it. We can only wonder if she is heading back to Winterfell to tell Sansa or to Dragonstone to take out Daenerys.

Next week’s final episode of is going to be L I T!