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Now Jay-Z’s Being Sued by a Roc Nation Boxer.

Not long after news broke of the random soul singer suing Jay-Z and Timbaland 20 years after allegedly sampling his song without permission, TMZ reports that Hov is also being sued by Daniel Franco, a Roc Nation Sports boxer “who blames Hova and the company for the severe brain injuries he suffered after taking 3 fights in 79 days.”


According to TMZ, he signed a deal with Roc Nation Sports in 2015 and won his first five fights with Jay-Z’s company. “The problems started in March 2017,” TMZ continues. “Franco claims he came down with a bad flu before a big fight which sidelined him from training for 3 weeks.”

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The Chi‘s Jason Mitchell Has Been Dropped by the Show and His Agent Due to Sexual Harassment Allegations.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, co-star Tiffany Boone—who played Mitchell’s girlfriend on the show—had “issues” with the actor, along with multiple other actresses.

“She made repeated complaints of sexual harassment and allegedly felt so unsafe with her co-star that at times her fiance, Dear White People actor Marque Richardson, came to set when she shot scenes with him,” THR adds. “Boone declined to comment.”

Mitchell also reportedly lost a role in the upcoming Netflix film Desperado.

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Starbucks Has Been Sued for Allegedly Exposing People to a Deadly Pesticide in Its Manhattan Stores. 😳😳😳

The Blast reports that a lawsuit was filed against the coffee giant on Tuesday (May 21) after a former employee and two pest control workers who also worked with Starbucks claimed the company “has for years permitted the deployment of toxic chemicals in its stores, which infused not only the food products and fixtures, but also the very air circulated throughout its retail locations in Manhattan.”

They added that Starbucks was “provided with no fewer than a dozen different explicit written warnings from external experts in the past three years” and that the company “systematically and unlawfully hid these toxic products in their stores for the past several years.”

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