Megan Thee Stallion

Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

Megan Thee Stallion is not only a “Big Ole Freak” but also has a big ole heart to match. When a Twitter user reached out to the “Realer” rapper telling her about a fan of hers that died after seeing her perform, she immediately opened up her wallet and donated money to the fans funeral service adding to her growing legend and gaining more fans in the process.

After the Houston rapper was made aware of the tragic death of her fan who goes by the name of Cyril Carlton Briscoe, she without hesitation donated $1,200 to the GoFundMe page that is raising money for the funeral service. A fellow hottie by the name of @Nicksawaboy on Twitter shared screenshots with the caption “Will delete, but just wanted to show how amazing this woman is,” that put Megan Thee Stallion’s generosity on full display for the entire world to see.  Once the tweet caught fire, he subsequently decided to leave it up for those who wanted to follow Thee Stallion’s lead and donate to the cause.

Megan, when she found out about her fan’s death, offered her condolences before the page went live saying to the fans cousin @GinaTheSavage “I am so sorry…His energy was amazing when we met.” The GoFundMe page wasn’t live for over five minutes before she donated $1,200 and offered to give even more money if the family encounters any issues trying to raise the full $15,000 they set as a goal.

Megan Thee Stallion is already great, but it’s definitely gestures like this that will help her hottie fanbase grow exponentially larger in no time. As you can imagine the ones who already want to the drive the boat are stanning even harder for Megan on Twitter, letting the rapper know what she did was absolutely amazing.

That’s definitely real hot girl sh*t right there.